K9 Paco Retires

TPA Lodge 182 & the Tyler Police Department would like to recognize K9 Paco who has officially retired from the Tyler Police Department due to age and health issues. K9 Paco, an 11-year-old German Shepherd from the Netherlands, was trained in five odors of narcotics, obedience and tracking through US K9 Unlimited in Kaplan, Louisiana. Officer Steve Black selected K9 Paco to be his partner in November 2010. K9 Paco provided more than eight years of dedicated and loyal service to his handler, the Tyler Police Department family and community.⠀

Officer Black and K9 Paco had an exceptional career working together as a team. K9 Paco played a significant role in making hundreds of felony arrests for illegal narcotics, the seizure of illegal firearms from drug dealers and assisting patrol, vice and other agencies. Officer Black and K9 Paco received several commendations and awards for their diligent work to the residents of Tyler.⠀

In 2016, K9 Paco participated in the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association narcotic trials in Brownsville, Texas. K9 Paco competed with more than 100 teams from other states and K9 Paco took fourth place in narcotic detection.⠀

K9 Paco also loved to perform for kids during Red Ribbon Week at TISD. K9 Paco performed hundreds of demonstrations for schools, businesses and churches throughout his career. K9 Paco loved his job and he was eager to go to work every day with Officer Black. ⠀
“Paco was way more than a ‘working dog or tool’ to me,” said Officer Black. “Paco was and continues to be a loyal companion, a faithful partner and a loving family member. It’s going to be very hard going back to work without Paco in our Tahoe and him by my side protecting me.” ⠀

K9 Paco will remain with Officer Black where he will live out the rest of his days being spoiled and loved by Officer Black and his family. ⠀

K9 Paco has definitely earned his retirement and he will be greatly missed by all.