TPA 2020 Annual Campaign

Our Annual Fundraising Campaign Is Underway

Some of our citizens have already received our 2020 donation flyer in the mail. It is a legitimate flyer that is done on behalf of the Tyler Patrolman's Association Lodge 182.

We, like most of you, don't like the unknown numbers that call our phones constantly. We opted to partner with a reputable company that respects the time and privacy of our citizens. Many of you may receive the flyer that is displayed in the mail. That is one of the ways we are communicating our fundraising with our supporters. Another way is to go on our website and donate there.

The money that you give will help us better take care of our officers and their families in times of need as well as help us with different community events such as the upcoming Blue Santa which allows us to give Christmas presents to children who might not have an exciting Christmas.

We thank you for your support and as always if you have questions or if there is something that we can assist you with, go to our website or facebook page and contact us.


Tyler Patrolman's Association Lodge 182.