A Snapshot of Last Week


We want to keep you informed and educated on what we do

In an effort to do that, here are SOME of the things your officers responded to and handled with professionalism. 

  • Assisted the Sheriff's Office in a pursuit and apprehending a subject who was trying to get away
  • Recovery of a stolen gun and drugs being seized
  • Found a young man with Downs Syndrome and stayed with him until his family could be identified and found to come pick him up.
  • Responded to a disturbance where an individual had been warned away from the location. He ran from the officers and then fought them when he was caught.
  • Drunk and disorderly at a local eatery that turned into a scene with a crowd gathering and starting to cause problems. The crowd was dispersed and the original causes of the disturbance were arrested.

These are just some of the highlights from the last week in between the hundreds of calls that are “routinely” answered in our ongoing mission to keep the public safe and keep order.

Citizens of Tyler We are Here With Yo
America United