Tyler Patrolman's Police Association

President’s Message

As President of the Tyler Patrolman’s Association and on behalf of our membership, I would like to welcome you to our web site and take this opportunity to introduce you to our organization. The Tyler Patrolman’s Association was founded in 1981 and has represented Tyler Police Officers for nearly forty years. In 2018 we became a member organization of the Fraternal Order of Police. Our organization is the sole representation for the hard working men and women of the Tyler Police Department. The number of our FOP Lodge, 182, is not just a number that was randomly assigned to us - 182 is the badge number of Officer Eugene Vickers, the last Tyler Police Officer to give his life in the line of duty. We have sworn an oath to protect and serve and are committed to doing so with the utmost respect for the people that we are sworn to protect.

Our members are not just Police Officers. We are your neighbors and part of the community that we work to protect. Our members spend countless hours of their off-duty time helping to improve the lives of those around them. But while on duty they stand ready to protect and serve. Throughout my career I have been asked many times, what does “to Protect and Serve” really mean? I have answered this question for civilians and rookie officers the same way for many years. To Protect and Serve means this - Protect the citizens and their property, reduce fear and disorder in our communities, take the criminals off of the streets, bring justice to the victimized, and above all else, uphold the constitution. This is the sworn mission of all Police Officers. We are the sheep dogs keeping watch over our city. We stand ready at any time, night and day, and in any weather, to confront those that would seek to harm the citizens we are sworn to protect. With that said, the mission of the Tyler Patrolman’s Association/FOP 182 is to support our members - the officers and civilians that have accepted the oath of “to Protect and Serve”.


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