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We wish you a safe and Happy New Year
From our blue Family to yours, we hope you have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and New Years.  As you celebrate another trip around the sun, pleas be safe and make wise decisions!  Also as always, we are here if you need us!

Merry Christmas!!!
From our blue family to yours, we hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas!!! As always we are out there 24/7/365 keeping you safe and secure. Please say a prayer for those working while you are with your family.

Promotions of Two New Sergeants
A huge congratulations to newly appointed Sergeants Robert Main and Brandon Lott.  Sergeant Main has served TPD for 8 years. Sergeant Lott has served for 10 years.  Help us congratulate them on their new positions!

Job well done!!!
Great job by our TPD Detectives and the Smith County District Attorney Office in the successful prosecution of William Davis!  We know this doesn’t bring back the loss but hopefully the victims can find some peace that he was brought to justice!  Click here for the news story

Welcome new Officers to the family
We would like to welcome four new officers to the family.  They have completed the police Academy and are now certified peace officers! They will start the next phase of training in the field with police training officers!!   Help us welcome them to the community!!!

We were regarded as heroes, 20 years later we are being demonized!!

We must remember!!
Today we remember those we lost. We remember the sacrifices that were made to help those in need in the darkest of times. We honor the heroes who ran towards the unknown. We commemorate those who responded in the aftermath. We must never let go of the resilience and unity our great nation forged on this fateful day. We will #NeverForget. 🇺🇸