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I Am Still Here
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Speak the Truth and Defend the Police

Defunding the police is not the answer.
Defunding the police will only lead to a worse situation for higher crime neighborhoods and lead to higher stressed officers with no backup. Let’s have some civil, meaningful conversations about how to improve our community. Let’s talk about how to work together to reduce crime and the reactions to police presence. That can lead to change and bake our city even stronger Let’s be the model of what community and police interactions should be here in Tyler. We can do it together....

Happy 4th of July!!!
Happy 4th of July!!! Everyone have a great holiday and be safe! Please remember our first responders and military who are deployed as they all keep us safe and if you see them say thank you. Tyler Patrolman's Association FOP Lodge 182

Congratulations to Our New Sergeant
The Tyler Patrolman’s Association would like to congratulate Officer Dion Reed for promoting to the rank of Sergeant. ⠀ ⠀ Sgt. Reed said he is excited about the new position and getting to supervise the great group of officers he works with. ⠀ ⠀ Congrats to Sgt. Reed and his family!

What you need to know about the Stay at Home Order
Citizens of Tyler,  Know that essentially nothing has changed. It is just mandatory now. It is important to go home and stay there unless you absolutely need to go get ESSENTIAL items. Grocery stores, gas stations & other essential businesses will remain open as they have been.

America United
WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER THAN WE ARE DIVIDED As a nation, a state, and a community there has always been more that unites us than that which we disagree on. We at the Tyler Patrolman's Association Lodge 182 want to remind everyone that we need to stand up for the simple truths and what is right. We need to stand together for the common good and become....America United Again.