Sgt. Justin Utley Sets 3 New National Records While Winning 5 National Trophies

During the 2021 National Trophy Rifle Matches, Sgt. Justin Utley won 5 National Trophies and set 3 new National Records.

During the week of August 2nd through 6th, Sgt. Justin Utley traveled to Camp Perry Ohio where he competed in the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) National Trophy Rifle Matches. This competition has been held at Camp Perry since 1907 and is home to the most prestigious rifle and pistol matches in the Nation.
During this week of competition, Justin competed in several different individual and team matches, winning 5 National Trophies and setting 3 new National Records. Below is a detailed description of each of these.

The President’s 100 Rifle Match (which he won in 2017) is arguably the most prestigious Rifle Match in the country. During this match, the top 100 competitors are awarded with a President’s 100 certificate as well as a President’s 100 medal. Justin finished 70th place out of 837 competitors.

The National Trophy Individual Match he finished 9th out of 792 competitors. This match also awards different categories of competitors. Justin won the Police Trophy awarded to the top law enforcement officer competing in the match. Justin fired a score of 497-17x which set a new National Record for this trophy.

The National Trophy Team match is a 6 man team match where all 6 team members fire for individual scores and the aggregate is the team score. The Texas State Rifle Association team fired a score of 2945-105x (which is only 2 points from the national record Texas set in 2016) to win the Soldier of Marathon Trophy. This trophy is the oldest trophy in the National Match history dating back to 1875. Since 2009, Texas has won this trophy 6 times.

The Elihu Root Medal is awarded to the top 6 individual shooters in the team match. This year, Justin fired a score of 498-25x to take the highest individual score during this match and set a new National Record.

The Pietroforte Trophy is awarded to the highest scoring civilian shooter combining their scores from the National Trophy Individual match and the National Trophy Team match. Justin won this trophy with an aggregate score of 995-42x which set a new National Record.

The National Trophy Infantry Team match is a 6 man team match that is more of a “infantry combat” style of match in which 6 team members have a limited exposure of 8 silhouette targets which only hits are scored. This year the Texas State Rifle association scored a 1354 (only 5 points below the national record) to win the Leatherneck Trophy. Since 2021, Texas has won the Leatherneck Trophy 5 times.